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SIEMENS UV Detectors / Flame Sensors / Photocells For Oil & Gas Burners


UV detectors are a segment of equipment, containing a light source, a photoelectric cell, a diffraction grating or monochromator to divide the different wavelengths of light, which is used to identify the assimilation of ultraviolet (190--400 nm) light by molecules in a sample segregated by chromatography.

HPLC UV detectors are utilized with superior execution liquid chromatography to distinguish the analytes in the sample. A UV visible HPLC detector utilize the light to inspect the samples. the analyte can be recognized by calculating the sample's absorption of light at various wavelengths.

The Variable Wavelength UV Detector utilize a monochromator (slits and a grating) to choose one wavelength of light to elapse through the sample cell. The Photodiode Array indicator drives all wavelengths of light through the sample cell, then concentrate each wavelength on a single sensor element.

Ultraviolet (UV) detectors are also implemented in applications like Industrial, scientific research and military. Ultraviolet (UV) detectors ought to be either "solar blind" or "visible blind" to examine a weak UV signal in the presence of strong ambient light.

Typical applications or UV sensors include :
1. Monitoring the filtering ability and stability of various materials
2. UV radiation measurement in outdoor environments (sensor is not recommended for long-term continuous outdoor deployment)
3. Laboratory use with artificial light sources (e.g., germicidal lamps)


A Flame Detector / Flame Sensor is the perfect option for sections containing flammable materials - such as engine test beds, flammable stores or hangars. These sections include a high level of danger and fast fire accumulation. A Flame Detector/ Flame Sensor discover very quickly the gas fires, smokeless liquid and smoke-generating open fires of carbon-based materials.

A Flame Detector / Flame Sensor is a sensor created to examine and riposte to the presence of a flame or fire, allowing flame detection. Retort to a detected flame is based on the set-up but can constitute shutting off a fuel line (such as a propane or a natural gas line), sounding an alarm and activating a fire suppression system. The role of flame detector/Flame sensor is to impart the validation that the furnace is working properly when used in applications such as industrial furnaces. A flame detector/Flame sensor can often react rapidly and more precisely than a heat detector or a smoke due to the systems Flame sensor uses to detect the flame.


Visible light sensors are normally cited as remedial photocells. These Photocells operate on a reformation standard, where fluctuating voltage is assigned to the F (flame sensing) terminal and the G (ground) terminal of the important flame control. It is the flame detector’s function to allow the flow of current, in addition to transform the fluctuating current to direct current when it perceives the presence of a flame.

The reformative photocell has one specific benefit over conventional non-rectifying optical flame sensors i.e. the system, which is secured resisting a false flame signal due to the presence of a high resistance short, will fail in a safe mode.

Photocells are mostly used for commercial and industrial oil burners where a “reliable” sensor is essential. Balanced gas flames may not release adequate light for a photocell to operate.

Ultraviolet sensors, unlike reformative photocells, possibly be used with either gas or oil flames. As over and above 90% of the flame’s complete radiation is infrared, these Ultraviolet sensors obtain abundant radiation of entirely high extremity and will function with either very weak or very hot flames.

The following rules apply to the application of rectifying photocells :
1. Proper lead wire must be used for the flame lead.
2. The photocell must have a good view of the flame.
3. Temperature at the photocell must remain under 165oF.
4. The photocell must be protected from the light emitted from hot refractory.

Sl No. Model / Type Desription
1 QRA10.C UV-detector /Flame Sensor

QRA10M.C UV-detector /Flame Sensor
2 QRA2 UV-detector /Flame Sensor
3 QRA2(1) UV-detector /Flame Sensor
4 QRA2.9 UV-detector /Flame Sensor
5 QRA2.9(1) UV-detector /Flame Sensor
6 QRA2M UV-detector /Flame Sensor
7 QRA2M(1) UV-detector /Flame Sensor
8 QRA4.U UV-detector /Flame Sensor
9 QRA50M UV-detector /Flame Sensor
10 QRA51M UV-detector /Flame Sensor
11 QRA53.E17 UV-detector /Flame Sensor
12 QRA53.E27 UV-detector /Flame Sensor
13 QRA53.G17 UV-detector /Flame Sensor
14 QRA53.G27 UV-detector /Flame Sensor
15 QRA55.E17 UV-detector /Flame Sensor
16 QRA55.E27 UV-detector /Flame Sensor
17 QRA55.G17 UV-detector /Flame Sensor
18 QRA55.G27 UV-detector /Flame Sensor
19 QRA73.A17 UV-detector /Flame Sensor
20 QRA73.A27 UV-detector /Flame Sensor
21 QRA75.A17 UV-detector /Flame Sensor
22 QRA75.A27 UV-detector /Flame Sensor
23 QRB1A-A020B40A Detector / Photocell
24 QRB1A-A033B40B Detector / Photocell
25 QRB1A-A035B40A Detector / Photocell
26 QRB1A-A035B40A2 Detector / Photocell
27 QRB1A-A040B40B Detector / Photocell
28 QRB1A-A048B70B Detector / Photocell
29 QRB1A-A050B40A Detector / Photocell
30 QRB1A-A050B40A1 Detector / Photocell
31 QRB1A-A050B40A2 Detector / Photocell
32 QRB1A-A050B70A Detector / Photocell
33 QRB1A-A050B70A1 Detector / Photocell
34 QRB1A-A050B70A2 Detector / Photocell
35 QRB1A-A068B70B Detector / Photocell
36 QRB1A-A070B70A Detector / Photocell
37 QRB1A-A070B70A1 Detector / Photocell
38 QRB1A-A070B70A2 Detector / Photocell
39 QRB1A-A080B70A Detector / Photocell
40 QRB1A-A148B70B Detector / Photocell
41 QRB1A-A150B70A Detector / Photocell
42 QRB1A-A150B70A1 Detector / Photocell
43 QRB1A-A150B70A2 Detector / Photocell
44 QRB1A-B036A25A Detector / Photocell
45 QRB1A-B080B70A Detector / Photocell
46 QRB1A-B110B70A Detector / Photocell
47 QRB1B-A014U25B Detector / Photocell
48 QRB1B-A017A25B Detector / Photocell
49 QRB1B-A018B40B Detector / Photocell
50 QRB1B-A033B40B Detector / Photocell
51 QRB1B-A035B40A Detector / Photocell
52 QRB1B-A035B40A1 Detector / Photocell
53 QRB1B-A042B20B Detector / Photocell
54 QRB1B-A048B40B Detector / Photocell
55 QRB1B-A048B70B Detector / Photocell
56 QRB1B-A050B40A Detector / Photocell
57 QRB1B-A050B70A Detector / Photocell
58 QRB1B-A050B70A1 Detector / Photocell
59 QRB1B-A050B70A2 Detector / Photocell
60 QRB1B-A068B70B Detector / Photocell
61 QRB1B-A070B70A Detector / Photocell
62 QRB1B-A070B70A1 Detector / Photocell
63 QRB1B-A070B70A2 Detector / Photocell
64 QRB1B-A148B70B Detector / Photocell
65 QRB1B-B017A25B Detector / Photocell
66 QRB1B-B027A25A Detector / Photocell
68 QRB1B-B035B40A Detector / Photocell
69 QRB1B-B036A25A Detector / Photocell
70 QRB1B-B100B70A2 Detector / Photocell
71 QRB1B-C036B40A Detector / Photocell
72 QRB1B-C060B40A Detector / Photocell
73 QRB1B-D022X20B Detector / Photocell
74 QRB1B-D025B40B Detector / Photocell
75 QRB1B-D042B20B Detector / Photocell
76 QRB1C-A048B40B Detector / Photocell
77 QRB1C-A050B40A Detector / Photocell
78 QRB1C-B080B70A Detector / Photocell
79 QRB1C-D048B40B Detector / Photocell
80 QRB1E-B070B40A Detector / Photocell
81 QRB3 Detector / Photocell
82 QRB3(1) Detector / Photocell
83 QRB3S Detector / Photocell
84 QRC1A1.101C27 Detector / Photocell
85 QRC1A1.103C27 Detector / Photocell
86 QRC1A1.170C27 Detector / Photocell
87 QRC1A2.103C27 Detector / Photocell
88 QRC1A2.104C27 Detector / Photocell
89 QRC1A2.1341C27 Detector / Photocell
90 QRC1A2.141C27 Detector / Photocell
91 QRC1A3.101C27 Detector / Photocell
92 QRC1A3.103C27 Detector / Photocell
93 QRC1C2.103C27 Detector / Photocell
94 QRI2A2.B180B Infrared flame detector
95 QRI2B2.B180B Infrared flame detector
96 QRI2B2.B180B1 Infrared flame detector
97 RAR7 Photocell / Flame detector
98 RAR9 Photocell / Flame detector
99 RAR9(1) Photocell / Flame detector
100 RAR9(2) Photocell / Flame detector
101 AGR450211310 UV-detector bulb
102 AGR450240650 UV-detector bulb
103 AGR450242680 UV-detector bulb
104 AGS2S.200/109 UV-detector bulb
105 QSZ1.070 Pilot burner
106 QSZ1.075 Pilot burner
107 QSZ1.080L Pilot burner
108 QSZ3.065 Pilot burner
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