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SIEMENS Gas Valves, Actuators, Butterfly Valves.



Gas valves are flow managing tools used to tackle and control the flow of gases like sour and natural gas, liquefied petroleum, oxygen etc. Gas valves are accessible in a various type of materials in plastic and metal that are suitable with the media controlled and pressure requirements.

Gas valves are used to balance the liquid propane or natural gas in heating systems. Gas valves differ in inlet/outlet size, Volume (cubic ft of gas) and type (standing pilot, slow opening, and step opening). Gas valves and controls must be equivalent to the heating system's fuel type. Gas valves must be converted to meet the system's requirements; therefore, the Liquid propane and natural gas conversion kits must be made available. After the verification of the system type, the system's capacity must be resolved. The selection of a normally open or closed gas valve is based on the calculated consumption frequency of the valve.

An established product range for many years, the modular VGU gas valves for residential applications are characterized by their compatibility with the majority of valve products available on the market. VGU and VGE are a convincing proposition with their respective features and excellent compatibility with a variety of applications. When used in combination with the Siemens product portfolio in particular, VGU and VGE provide the very best customized solutions.

Ecotherm is engaged in offering superior quality Valve Proving System. This system is manufactured by our extremely proficient team using top quality grade materials. Valve Proving System is utilized for examining the productive closure of automatic shut off valves with the help of pressure switches. Ecotherm provides Valve Proving System accessible in various specifications at a highly affordable price to meet the client’s requirements.



A Butterfly valve is a type of quarter-turn whirling moving valve which is used to stop, regulate and start flow. A butterfly valve comprises of a disc which is set up on a revolving shaft. When the butterfly valve is completely locked, the disk entirely blocks the line.

Rotating the handle, either physically or with air-filled system, Butterfly valves rolls the plate perpendicular or parallel to the flow of the fluid. Butterfly valves can also be used for modulating the flow by rearranging the lever to get the preferred output flow.

The Key role of these Butterfly valves is to supervise the flow of liquids which pass through a section of pipe. Butterfly valves are majorly applied in waste treatment systems.

Types of Butterfly Valves:

Wafer-style butterfly valve :

The wafer style butterfly valve is created to preserve a seal resistant for bi-directional pressure dissimilar to stop any back-flow in systems developed for unidirectional flow. Wafer style butterfly valve comprises with a tightly fitting seal; i.e., gasket, O-ring, precision machined, and a flat valve face on the above and below sides of the valve.


Lug-style butterfly valve :

Lug-style valves have weaved enclosures at both sides of the valve body. This allows the Lug-style valves to fit into a system which uses two sets of bolts and no nuts. The Lug-style valve is positioned connecting two flanges using a separate set of bolts for each flange. This setup allows the other side of the piping system to be separated without distracting the other side.

A lug-style butterfly valve has a reduced pressure rating in such service where no further progress is possible. Lugged style valves are highly impervious to chemicals and solvents and can cope with the temperatures up to 200 °C, which makes it a resourceful formula.

Rotary valve

Rotary valves are prominently used in powder processing industries. Rotary valves, when closed, react precisely like a butterfly valve and is tight. But when the Rotary valves are in the rotation, the pockets permit release a specified quantity of solids which enables the valve appropriate for dosing bulk product by gravity. Such Rotary valves are normally of small size (less than 300 mm), pneumatically triggered and revolve 180 degrees back and forth.


A valve actuator is a motor-driven equipment that uses a power source to control the function of a valve. This power source can be pneumatic (compressed air), electric, or hydraulic (the flow of oil). An actuator normally is a mechanical tool that takes energy that is generated by electricity, liquid or Air and converts it into some kind of motion. Actuators prominently are utilized in manufacturing or industrial sectors and might be used in devices such as motors, pumps, switches and valves.

Common types of Actuators: Manual, Pneumatic, Hydraulic, Electric.

Manual Actuator : A manual actuator operates gears, levers or wheels to shift the valve stem and are usually operated by hand. Manual actuators are economical, normally free-standing and easy to operate. However, manual operation in some large valves is difficult and some valves may be situated in remote or unpleasant environments that block manual operations.

Electric Actuator : The electric actuator utilizes an electric motor to supply torque to function a valve. Electric Actuators are silent, harmless and power effective. Electric Actuators can also function on the batteries.

Spring Actuator : Spring-based actuators restrain a spring. Once any inconsistency is noticed, or power is lost, the spring is liberated, operating the valve. Spring Actuators can operate only once, without any modifications, hence are used for one time use such as emergencies.

One advantage for Spring Actuators is that they don’t need a high level electric supply to move the Valve. Spring Actuators can function from controlled battery power or can function naturally when all the power is drained.

Pneumatic Actuator : Air (or other gas) pressure is the power base for pneumatic valve actuators. The Pneumatic Actuators are utilized on linear or quarter-turn valves. Air pressure function on a piston or bellows diaphragm generating a linear force on a valve stem. As a substitute, a quarter-turn vane-type actuator generates torque to yield rotary motion to function a quarter-turn valve.

A pneumatic actuator may be scheduled as spring-opened or spring-closed, with air pressure surpassing the spring to allow the movement. A "double acting" actuator use air, applicable to various vents to pass the valve in the opening or closing route. A medial compressed air system can supply the clean, dry, compressed air required for pneumatic actuators.

Hydraulic Actuator : Hydraulic actuators transform the fluid pressure into flow and alike pneumatic actuators, the Hydraulic actuators are also utilized on linear or quarter-turn valves. A quarter-turn actuator generates torque to supply rotary movement to function a quarter-turn valve.

Most types of hydraulic actuators can furnish with protected features to an open or close valve under difficult situations. Hydraulic pressure can be provided by an independent hydraulic pressure pump. In few applications like water pumping stations, the process fluid can supply hydraulic pressure, however the hydraulic actuators ought to utilize materials compatible with the fluid.

Sl No. Model / Type Desription
1 VGD20.4011 Gas valve
2 VGD20.403 Gas valve
3 VGD20.403U Gas valve
4 VGD20.5011 Gas valve
5 VGD20.503 Gas valve
6 VGD20.503A Gas valve
7 VGD20.503U Gas valve
8 VGD40.040 Gas valve
9 VGD40.040L Gas valve
10 VGD40.050 Gas valve
11 VGD40.050L Gas valve
12 VGD40.065 Gas valve
13 VGD40.065L Gas valve
14 VGD40.065U Gas valve
15 VGD40.080 Gas valve
16 VGD40.080L Gas valve
17 VGD40.080U Gas valve
18 VGD40.100 Gas valve
19 VGD40.100L Gas valve
20 VGD40.100U Gas valve
21 VGD40.125 Gas valve
22 VGD40.125L Gas valve
23 VGD40.150 Gas valve
24 VGD40.150L Gas valve
25 VGD40.150U Gas valve
26 VGD41.040 Gas valve
27 VGD41.050 Gas valve
28 VGD41.065 Gas valve
29 VGD41.080 Gas valve
30 VGD41.100 Gas valve
31 VGD41.125 Gas valve
32 VGD41.150 Gas valve
33 VGE561.C3009 Gas valve
34 VGE561.G3009 Gas valve
35 VGE562.G3009 Gas valve
36 VGF10.404 Gas valve
37 VGF10.4041P Gas valve
38 VGF10.404P Gas valve
39 VGF10.504 Gas valve
40 VGF10.5041P Gas valve
41 VGF10.504P Gas valve
42 VGF10.654 Gas valve
43 VGF10.6541 Gas valve
44 VGF10.6541P Gas valve
45 VGF10.654P Gas valve
46 VGF10.804 Gas valve
47 VGF10.8041P Gas valve
48 VGF10.804P Gas valve
49 VGG10.1541P Gas valve
50 VGG10.1541U Gas valve
51 VGG10.154P Gas valve
52 VGG10.154U Gas valve
53 VGG10.204 Gas valve
54 VGG10.2041P Gas valve
55 VGG10.2041U Gas valve
56 VGG10.204P Gas valve
57 VGG10.204U Gas valve
58 VGG10.254 Gas valve
59 VGG10.2541P Gas valve
60 VGG10.2541U Gas valve
61 VGG10.254P Gas valve
62 VGG10.254U Gas valve
63 VGG10.404 Gas valve
64 VGG10.4041P Gas valve
65 VGG10.4041U Gas valve
66 VGG10.404P Gas valve
67 VGG10.404U Gas valve
68 VGG10.504 Gas valve
69 VGG10.5041 Gas valve
70 VGG10.5041P Gas valve
71 VGG10.5041U Gas valve
72 VGG10.504P Gas valve
73 VGG10.504U Gas valve
74 VGG10.654U Gas valve
75 VGG10.8041P Gas valve
76 VGG10.804P Gas valve
77 VGG10.804U Gas valve
78 VGH10.18050 Gas valve
79 VGH10.19050 Gas valve
80 VGH10.19150 Gas valve
81 VGS10.104E2 Gas valve
82 VGS10.154E2 Gas valve
83 VGS23.254E2 Gas valve
84 VGS25.204E2 Gas valve
85 VGS27.154E2 Gas valve
86 SKL25.001E2 Gas valve actuator
87 SKL25.003E1 Gas valve actuator
88 SKL25.003E2 Gas valve actuator
89 SKP15.000E1 Gas valve actuator
90 SKP15.000E2 Gas valve actuator
91 SKP15.001E1 Gas valve actuator
92 SKP15.001E2 Gas valve actuator
93 SKP15.011U1 Gas valve actuator
94 SKP15.012U1 Gas valve actuator
95 SKP15.012U2 Gas valve actuator
96 SKP15.013U1 Gas valve actuator
97 SKP15.013U2 Gas valve actuator
98 SKP15.112F1 Gas valve actuator
99 SKP15.112F2 Gas valve actuator
100 SKP25.001E1 Gas valve actuator
101 SKP25.001E2 Gas valve actuator
102 SKP25.001F2 Gas valve actuator
103 SKP25.003E1 Gas valve actuator
104 SKP25.003E2 Gas valve actuator
105 SKP25.003E2Y Gas valve actuator
106 SKP25.011U1 Gas valve actuator
107 SKP25.011U2 Gas valve actuator
108 SKP25.012U1 Gas valve actuator
109 SKP25.012U2 Gas valve actuator
110 SKP25.013U1 Gas valve actuator
111 SKP25.013U2 Gas valve actuator
112 SKP25.201E2 Gas valve actuator
113 SKP25.201E2L Gas valve actuator
114 SKP25.203E1 Gas valve actuator
115 SKP25.203E2 Gas valve actuator
116 SKP25.203E2L Gas valve actuator
117 SKP25.301E2 Gas valve actuator
118 SKP25.303E2 Gas valve actuator
119 SKP25.401E2 Gas valve actuator
120 SKP25.403E2 Gas valve actuator
121 SKP25.411U1 Gas valve actuator
122 SKP25.601E2 Gas valve actuator
123 SKP25.603E2 Gas valve actuator
124 SKP25.611U1 Gas valve actuator
125 SKP25.611U2 Gas valve actuator
126 SKP25.612U2 Gas valve actuator
127 SKP25.701E2 Gas valve actuator
128 SKP25.703E2 Gas valve actuator
129 SKP25.711U1 Gas valve actuator
130 SKP55.001E1 Gas valve actuator
131 SKP55.001E2 Gas valve actuator
132 SKP55.003E1 Gas valve actuator
133 SKP55.003E2 Gas valve actuator
134 SKP55.011U1 Gas valve actuator
135 SKP55.012U1 Gas valve actuator
136 SKP55.012U2 Gas valve actuator
137 SKP55.013U1 Gas valve actuator
138 SKP55.013U2 Gas valve actuator
139 SKP75.001E1 Gas valve actuator
140 SKP75.001E2 Gas valve actuator
141 SKP75.003E1 Gas valve actuator
142 SKP75.003E2 Gas valve actuator
143 SKP75.011U1 Gas valve actuator
144 SKP75.012U1 Gas valve actuator
145 SKP75.012U2 Gas valve actuator
146 SKP75.013U1 Gas valve actuator
147 SKP75.013U2 Gas valve actuator
148 SKP75.501E1 Gas valve actuator
149 SKP75.501E2 Gas valve actuator
150 SKP75.503E1 Gas valve actuator
151 SKP75.503E2 Gas valve actuator
152 SQK349.00 Actuator for L&S slipper valves 230 V
153 SQK349.00/209 Actuator for ESBE slipper valves
154 SQS35.000C Valve actuator 400N stroke 5.5mm
155 SQS37 Valve Actuator
156 SQS67U Valve actuator 400N stroke 5.5mm
157 SSY319 Valve actuator 300 N stroke 5.5 mm
158 SSY319/30 Valve actuator 300 N stroke 5.5 mm
159 SSY319/60 Valve actuator 300 N stroke 5.5 mm
160 VKF41.100C Butterfly valve‚ flange‚ PN6/10/16‚ DN100‚ kvs 760
161 VKF41.125C Butterfly valve‚ flange‚ PN6/10/16‚ DN125‚ kvs 1000
162 VKF41.150C Butterfly valve‚ flange‚ PN6/10/16‚ DN150‚ kvs 2100
163 VKF41.200C Butterfly valve‚ flange‚ PN6/10/16‚ DN200‚ kvs 4000‚
164 VKF41.40C Butterfly valve‚ flange‚ PN6/10/16‚ DN40‚ kvs 50
165 VKF41.50C Butterfly valve‚ flange‚ PN6/10/16‚ DN50‚ kvs 80
166 VKF41.65C Butterfly valve‚ flange‚ PN6/10/16‚ DN65‚ kvs 200
167 VKF41.80C Butterfly valve‚ flange‚ PN6/10/16‚ DN80‚ kvs 400
168 VKP40.15 Butterfly valve‚ flange
169 VKP40.20 Butterfly valve‚ flange
170 VKP40.25 Butterfly valve‚ flange
171 VKP40.32 Butterfly valve‚ flange
172 VKP40.40 Butterfly valve‚ flange
173 VKP40.50 Butterfly valve‚ flange
174 VLF45.404 Valve cast iron
175 VLF45.504 Valve cast iron
176 VLF45.654 Valve cast iron
177 VLF45.804 Valve cast iron
178 VRF10.404 Gas valve
179 VRF10.504 Gas valve
180 VRF10.654 Gas valve
181 VRF10.804 Gas valve
182 VRH10.805 Gas valve
183 VRH10.905 Gas valve
184 VRH10.915 Gas valve
185 VXB489R25-1.6A Valve with lateral bypass
186 VXB489R25-2.5A Valve with lateral bypass
187 VXB489R25-4A Valve with lateral bypass
188 VXB489R25-6.3A Valve with lateral bypass
189 VXB489R25-8A Valve with lateral bypass
190 VXB489R32-10A Valve with lateral bypass
191 VXB489R32-16A Valve with lateral bypass
192 VXG48.20 Valve cast iron
193 VXG48.25 Valve cast iron
194 VXG48.32 Valve cast iron
195 VXG48.40 Valve cast iron
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