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SIEMENS Flame Amplifier, Flame Safeguard, Gas Valve proving system, Supervisory Unit


Flame Amplifier is a hard state plug-in amplifier that retort to a corrected, optical, ultraviolet or infrared signal. Flame Amplifier perceives the flame using flame detection reformation technology which is suitable for sensing flames in oil fired burners.

These flame amplifiers produce a voltage for the flame electrode. The flame electrodes are submerged in the flame to be identified. The electric discharge, triggered by the spurt of electrons through the flame, is recognized by the controller for the presence of flame. These Flame Amplifiers are completely callous to apparent light and refractory gleam. The Flame amplifiers are distinctively fit for sensing flame in gas fired burners.

1. Perfect for gas fired burners
2. Sensitive light sensing technology
3. Robust construction
4. Easy to install
5. Matching industrial standards

1. Pharmaceutical industry
2. Chemical industry
3. Petrochemical industry
4. Refineries
5. Fertilizer industry
6. Rubber industry
7. Cement industry
8. Beverage industry
9. Sugar industry
10. Distilleries
11. Ceramic industry


Flame safeguard manage and confirm the safe and authentic start-up, examining and closing of heaters, industrial boilers and process furnaces. The optical flame detector is placed at the main point of the flame safeguard system.

A flame safeguard is a precise control that will examine the fuel burning equipment to confirm safe operation. Flame safe guards are produced for inspection of Gas flames and Oil flames or blue burning oil flames. Flame supervision is obtained by utilizing either an ultra violet detector or an ionization electrode.

Sl No. Model / Type Desription
1 LAE1/1355 Control device
2 LAE1/8846 Oil burner control
3 LAE1/8864 Oil burner control
4 LAE1/8865 Oil burner control
5 LAE10 Oil burner control
6 LAE10-110V Oil burner control
7 LDU11.323A17 Gas valve proving system
8 LDU11.323A27 Gas valve proving system
9 LDU11.523A17 Gas valve proving system
10 LDU11.523A27 Gas burner control
11 LEC1.1/8854 Gas burner control
12 LEC1/8851 Supervisory unit
13 LEC1/8853 Burner control
14 LEC1/8866 Oil/gas burner control
15 LEC1/8867 Supervisory unit
16 LEC1/8868 Supervisory unit
17 LEC1/8892 Supervisory unit
18 LEC1/8906 Supervisory unit
19 LEC1/9500 Supervisory unit
20 LEC1/9501 Controll unit
21 LEC1/9502 Controll unit
22 LEC1/9503 Controll unit
23 LFE1.1/8854 Controll unit
24 LFE1/8851 Gas burner control
25 LFE1/8853 Gas burner control
26 LFE1/8866 Gas burner control
27 LFE1/8867 Gas burner control
28 LFE1/8868 Gas burner control
29 LFE1/8892 Gas burner control
30 LFE10 Gas burner control
31 LFE10-110V Gas burner control
32 LFE50 Gas burner control
33 LFE50-110V Flame safeguard
34 LFE50A271 Flame safeguard
35 AGQ1.1A27 Amplifier
36 AGQ1.2A27 Amplifier
37 AGQ2.1A27 Amplifier
38 AGQ2.2A27 Amplifier
39 AGQ3.1A27 UV-adapter
40 AGQ3.2A27 UV-adapter
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